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Hello there!

I'm a developer and designer from Sweden. Currently working as a CTO for a print and Digital Signage company as well creating DOOH solutions.

About me

I'm a 25 year old guy who likes creativity, mainly in forms of design and programming. I like both back-end as well as front-end development as I get to be creative as well to do problem-solving in two completely different ways. As a kid, I was introduced to the world of computers with an IBM PC where I wrote my first lines of code, which being simple batch-scripts in DOS.

Systems and software development

Most of the time I only use UNIX derivatives such as MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux, which I roam around during everyday use. I do a lot of programming in high-level languages, mostly Python because it merged most of my needs from several languages into a single one and adding great improvements with better syntax and where all the heavy ground work is already done. I haven't programmed in lower-level languages for years by now thanks to I haven't had a use case of languages like C anymore.

Much of previous work I've made in the past before the days of version control and reliable backup solutions was things like CMSs, Blog engines, RSS Reader, Game launchers, Menu systems, a MVC Framework, a Web server routing, Text editor, CSS pre-processor, simple games and a ton of websites since 1998.

Current work

As of right now I have a brand called Code of Magi. Other then that I've recently worked on some sites based on WagtailCMS (Django). Sometimes I make some projects and scripts public over at Gitlab.