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I'm a developer and designer from Sweden. Currently working as a CTO and part designer for a print and Digital Signage company as well creating DOOH solutions.

About me

As someone who likes creativity, mostly in forms such as design and programming but at times also music. I've done a lot of back-end and front-end development over the years and it's been fun because it's two complete different parts in the same field. As a kid I got introduced to computers with a IBM PC which I wrote my first lines of code being simple batch-scripts in MS-DOS and it's been my main interest ever since.

Software and development

Most of my daily computing happens to be on Linux and MacOS depending on what I need to use the system for. I do not believe there's a single tool, language or operating system etc. that is perfect for everything as often you replace one issue with another less prioritized issue.

During the earlier years of programming and scripting I've spent a lot of time in languages like PHP, Perl, Java as well some bit of C. As computers over the years has become faster it has made languages like C more obsolete for a lot of use cases where the performance gain doesn't compete to the development-efficiency with higher level languages for most of the projects these days. Nowadays I focus more on Python and I recently started to learn Swift.

Much of my earlier work before the days of version control and reliable backup solutions has been projects such as Game launchers, Content Management Systems (CMS), RSS Readers, Menu systems (CLI), MVC frameworks, Web server routing, Text editors, JIT+CSS Pre-processors, Simple games and a ton of websites since 1998. Nowadays I use Gitlab as my public profile where I also store a couple of my private repos that may go public in the future.

Graphical design and signage

Another creative area I do in my daily work is graphical design and signage solutions which does involve working with many clients and projects from large-scale print, decals, car wraps to small-scale business cards and stickers. I first got into graphical design in the early 00s when I was searching for assets for my personal website when I got my hands on a software bundle that included both Photoshop and Corel Draw. With many years of experience since, I've become very efficient in software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to get work a lot of things done in a very short timeframe.